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About is kind of an portal. excists merely as a gathering place for all Kouhis. Everybody who was born a Kouhi or became one by marriage as well as those who have the Kouhi blood running in their vains are considered a true enough Kouhi.

Every Kouhi who wants to gets an email address and a redirect address to his/her webpage. The email will be and the homepage address Unfortunately can't offer space for webpages at the moment so the homepages have to locate on some other server.

All the email and homepage addresses are free of charge.

All rights to the domain are owned by Timo Kouhi who is also the administrator of the site and the email service. The administrator will take no responsibility of anything. The email service as well as the server for these pages is provided by according to the agreement with them and the owner of the domain.

Originally was intended only for the relatives of the administrator but has since been opened up to all Kouhis. So every Kouhi is welcome here!